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Today, we’re excited to be kicking off our campaign’s statewide digital advertising program to show Illinoisans why we need the Fair Tax and how it will help level the playing field in Illinois!

For too long, middle- and working-class Illinoisans have carried the tax burden in our state, and over the next few months, our digital advertising program will educate voters on how the Fair Tax will set things right.

But we have a big fight ahead of us, and we need your help to spread the word! Can you show your support for the Fair Tax by retweeting and sharing one of the ads we launched today?

Please see below for some suggested posts to share on your channels, along with YouTube links to the other ads that are running and that we will be posting over the next few days on our social media.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at monica@voteyesforfairness.com.

Thank you,
Monica Patel
Digital Director, Vote Yes For Fairness

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It’s time to level the playing field in Illinois and set things right for our essential workers. #FairTaxNow

Illinois needs the #FairTaxNow to take the burden off of our working families.

The Fair Tax will level the playing field in Illinois and ensure at least 97% of Illinoisans will pay the same or less in state income taxes. Vote for the #FairTaxNow in this election.

It’s not fair to make essential workers pay the same state income tax rate as millionaires and billionaires. We need the #FairTaxNow to level the playing field.

The majority of states and the federal government use a Fair Tax system. Illinois should, too. Let’s pass the #FairTaxNow and level the playing field in our state.

Illinois’ current flat tax system is outdated and fundamentally unfair, and it’s time for an upgrade. Vote for the #FairTaxNow and let’s bring much-needed change to our state.

Let’s make Illinois’ tax system more fair for our hardworking families. Vote for the #FairTaxNow in this election.

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Monica Patel
Digital Director
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